Poems: Krystallia Katsarou

100 Years Since the Birth of Yiannis Ritsos
100 Χρόνια από τη γέννηση του Γιάννη Ρίτσου

Poems: Spiros Doikas
Ποιήματα: Σπύρος Δόικας

The Sea Horses
Based on A folk tale from Northern Greece of Byzantium
in the sixth century A.D. as told to us by our forefathers.

Island of Poppies
By Frederique
- dedicated to Tanagra in loving memory

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Angeliki - Ellie Papadopoulou

Σταμάτης Δημητράς, Στιχουργός

Tolis Nikiforou: Poems
Τόλης Νικηφόρου: Ποιήμτατα

Tolis Nikiforou: Nostos -2000
Τόλης Νικηφόρου: Νόστος -2000